Welcome to The Little Man (once at one time), which is a website devoted to Krillin/Kuririn of Dragon Ball series in both the English and Japanese versions of the anime and the manga. Though Krillin is disliked by some people in the fan community, some fans might enjoy to see where there is not any character bashing done here.

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December 11, 2014: Hello everyone! I apologize for the lack of updates here. I haven't been doing much in the terms of this shrine until the last few days. I'm still maintaining my fanlistings and have even opened up a few new ones since April. However, I figured it is time to sit down and work on this website during the month of December into January! I'm currently working on a new layout, about 25 icons, adding a former layout archive, and I'm also hunting down Dragonball fansites. I will be updating the links page with a few this evening and over the course of the month. I doubt I will be updating here on the main page every time.

However, I have some of the best news for this fansite. We're turning six years old next - five years online - in February! I cannot believe it has took me over a year to get this fansite online when it was launched. Anyways, back to that good news...we have our old domain back! is now back under my ownership after all this time! I'm so happy! Getting that domain back was pure luck (I'll explain more as I work on the new layout) and pure randomness! The old domain currently redirects to this one. I currently have no plans in moving the fansite from this domain however currently. ^^; I may end up moving this fansite to a subdomain on this one but you can now link back under the old domain name!

I don't know what I'm going to do domain/link wise just yet, however, feel free to update your links to! I am not, however, planning on changing the name to this website after all this time. ^^; That will stay the same however I will not be giving up the name hopefully things will work out when I can think clearly about the future direction of my other fansites too. (:

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